**  Prices are subject to change without notice
*** Prices may vary due to distance (we are located in Waterloo, Iowa)
This page was last updated: June 21, 2018
* * Helpful information when renting jumpers * *

What type of payment does Thorp Family Fun accept?
   Thorp Family Fun accepts - Cash or Check (payable to Thorp Family Fun)
   Payment is required with a waiver agreement to be signed at the time of set-up.

What is Thorp Family Fun's cancellation policy?
If you are going to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so we can book other rentals.  If you need to cancel your reservation, just give us a call  - 319.883.8806  or email ThorpFamilyFun@yahoo.com

Power Requirements
Each Jumper requires a dedicated standard 110 household outlet (15 amp).  Outlet must be within 25 ft of the inflatable.

We have a waiver policy that you need to review and sign once the jumper is set up.  You may ask to have one sent to you in advance for you to review.  You will need to have someone watch the jumper/jumpers to ensure safety.  We can have someone watch them for you if needed, at an additional cost.

If the wind speed exceeds 15 mph or more, we will cancel the rental.  We know this puts a damper on your party and truly regret having to cancel the rental. 
If you are renting an inflatable and the wind speed starts to exceed 15 mph or more, please unload and deflate the bouncer.  When winds start to exceed 25 mph or more, the wind can and will pick up the inflatable even though it is stacked or tied down.  The winds can rip the straps that are anchored and you would be responsible for replacing. 

Park Events
Most parks do not have electricity available.  Please make sure you check the area out.   You may want to check in advance if a jumper may be set up.  Some parks do not allow.  Once we arrive and the jumper can not be set up, you will still be required to pay for the rental amount agreed upon.

If is raining, we will not set up the bouncers.  We will call to discuss if it looks like it is going to rain.  Keep in mind, if we deliver, the full payment is due.  Also, once the reservation is cancelled, we do not inquire on rental if weather changes during your rental time.  Once a reservation is cancelled, it is cancelled.

Inflatable Jumpers in Waterloo IA
22' Xtreme Slide
Click picture for more information.
Mystery Machine
up to 4 hours
$150.00 +tax
up to 6 hours
$170.00 +tax
up to 12 hours
$200.00 +tax
Space needed 
30'Lx11'W 11"ft high
Ages 5
& under
Princess Castle
Jungle Adventure
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Racing Fun
Scooby Doo 
Click picture for more information.
up to 4 hours
$135.00 +tax
up to 6 hours
$160.00 +tax
up to 12 hours
$185 +tax
Space needed 
17'Lx17'W 18"ft high
All-N-One Sports Arena
Click picture for more information.
Click picture for more information.